my name is

Al Carter

I am currently seeking employment as a developer in the Boston Area.

arcarter@csail.mit.edu Projects


Below are some projects from my time at MIT (Research Staff, 2014-2017), Northeastern University (MS, 2014), Brown University (BA, 2009), a previous startup, and at the nonprofit bicycle collective I helped become successful.

Aurum (React.js + Python)

a system for data discovery

Programmer, MIT CSAIL Big Data Initiative

  • designed and implemented relational algebraic functions
  • developed responsive front end UI (not availbale for demo)
  • selected technologies: React.js, Python, Java, ElasticSearch
  • DataHub (Django + Postgres)

    a privacy-preserving collaborative platform for data-processing and sharing

    Programmer, MIT CSAIL Big Data Initiative

  • think github + postgres + web app mashup
  • used version 0.01 to build GetFit app
  • closed out numerous UX and administrative issues and stories
  • steered development of DataHub as a platform
  • selected technologies: django, postgres, thrift, javascript
  • WikiMaps (web client + server)

    a resurrection of a room-to-room mapping project at MIT

    Programmer, MIT CSAIL Big Data Initiative

  • uses computer vision, Dijkstra, and Delaunay triangulation to convert CAD drawings into graphs, and give human-navigable paths between rooms
  • researched problem, reading papers and reaching out to authors
  • set up a new API returning directions
  • re-implemented a lightweight front-end web interface
  • GetFit (iOS)

    a fitness tracking app testing MIT CSAIL's emerging technologies

    Programmer, MIT CSAIL Big Data Initiative

  • technologies tested include DataHub v0.01, OpenSense v0.2
  • integrated with the MIT Medical website through token scraping (no API was available.)
  • 174 users posted 311 hours of annotated data including 92,335 location readings
  • developed and distributed the app, and the OpenSense Library behind it
  • OpenSense Library (iOS)

    a multi-tasking enabled mobile sensing library for iOS

    Programmer, MIT CSAIL Big Data Initiative

  • updated from iOS 5 to iOS 7
  • added new sensors for iPhone 5+
  • Sensors include all motion and location data, speed, course, screen brightness, language, battery, etc.
  • cleaned and refactored code for App Store distribution
  • OpenPDS (iOS)

    a privacy-preserving platform for data storage and computation

    Programmer, MIT CSAIL Big Data Initiative

  • significantly improved project orthogonality, making it easier to setup and integrate additional sensing libraries
  • features were migrated to the DataHub project
  • Database (SQL)

    Mountain View Community Hospital, a mock web interface and database for a hospital

    Project Manager for 4 Students, Northeastern University

  • 45+ entities, 65+ relationships
  • languages: Oracle SQL, PL/SQL, Java, Javascript w/ jQuery via Coffeescript
  • Personally:

  • determined business rules, entities, functional dependencies, relational schema, and overall architecture
  • developed front-end client views
  • Mobile App (iOS)

    BikeTrace, a multi-tasking, multi-threading, and geomapping app

    Student, Northeastern University

  • selected services and packages: Google Geolocation, Google Places, CLLocation, CMDeviceMotion, MKOverlayView, MKMapView, MKAnnotation
  • languages: Objective-C, SQLite, C, Javascript
  • Nonlinear Text Reader (JS)

    Telescopic Text, a graph-based text exploration program

    Independent open source project

  • enabled at the top of this webpage
  • inspired by Joe Davis's Telescopic Text
  • implementation allows users to talk random walks on a hypergraph
  • overcame many technical obstacles of original (tree-based) implementation
  • Desktop (Java)

    a mock vaccine invoicing and tracking system for the CDC

    Student, Northeastern University

  • support for 3+ user-types in 5+ organizations
  • selected usecases: vaccine ordering, invoicing, manufacturing, distribution, administration
  • my first software program
  • language: Java
  • Mapping (ArcGIS)

    a spacial analysis of bicycle parking at Brown University

    Student, Brown University

  • surveyed bicycle parking on campus
  • digitized and analyzed factors including population density, crime, and parking
  • presented findings to administrators and student government
  • persuaded the university to install new bike racks in locations across campus
  • Startup

    Konnessi, a web marketing startup

    Project Manager, C00, 2nd most senior employee

  • bootstrapped a still-operational company
  • grew company from 4 employees to 19 employees and 35 signed contracts
  • managed hiring and terminating employees
  • prepared sales materials
  • managed the company's most important client relationships and projects
  • Nonprofit

    Recycle-a-Bike, a bicycle education and repair nonprofit

    Grant Writer, Mechanic, Teacher

  • taught bicycle maintenance to 30+ recent immigrants with limited english
  • wrote grant applications and secured funding for new programs
  • restructured the collective and incorporated it as a 501C(3)
  • Nutrition Hacking

    Soylent, a nutritionally complete and shelf stable food substitute

    Project manager for 15 Boston area hackers

  • provides FDA recommended nutrition with minimal effort
  • inspired by Rob Rinehart's Soylent Project
  • samples available upon request
  • Contact

    Please feel free to contact me

    • Albert Carter
    • Somerville, MA 02143

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